Meet The Blogger

This weekend I attended Meet The Blogger in Amsterdam; an international event for home-, design- and lifestyle bloggers.
It was a day full of inspiration, sharing knowledge and meeting many talented bloggers like Maria, Nina, Imke and Dee.

Pictures by Jurriaan Hoefsmit and Frida Ramstedt |

Frida Ramstedt from Trendenser spoke about how to turn your blog into a business. It was very interesting to hear how she used her study background in Business to complement her passion for styling & design. By building a brand around her blog she created business opportunities in working for magazines, web content, tv shows and even her own Ipad Magazine, which launched during the event!
My favorite quotes from Frida’s speech are 'Don't focus on what you do today. Focus on what you want to be able to do tomorrow' and a tip on finding your passion; ‘Where does your mind go when it wanders?’

Pippa Jameson from Pippa Jameson Interiors gave a workshop on blog styling and held a discussion on what defines a good blogpost. Having a recognizable identity and engaging with your audience is key. She also told us that her ‘behind the scenes’ photo’s are most popular on her site.

Yvonne Eijkenduijn from Yvestown gave a workshop on product photography and working with sponsors. She even styled, photographed and photo edited a Brabantia post on the spot! Her No. 1 advice in working with sponsored products on your blog is: Make it your own; make sure you give products a personal twist. After all, that is why people visit your blog and what makes it interesting for the brand to invest in a blogger instead of traditional advertisement.

Picture by Jurriaan Hoefsmit, Images by Akzo Nobel | Colour Futures

Heleen van Gent from Colour Futures showed us the intriguing process of how Flexa colour palettes come about. Once a year a group of international design experts meet to determine the key colour trends two years in advance. For 2012 this results in five colour trends within the concept of ‘Possibilities’. If you look at the video presentation of the five trends you can tell passionate people are at work!

The next edition will be held in Stockholm later this year. It would be great to attend... See you there?


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