Getting ready for Meet The Blogger 2012

Upcoming saturday I'll be attending Meet The Blogger at the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam. I'm very excited to hear the stories of professional bloggers Frida Ramstedt and Pippa Jameson and ofcourse meet up with other lifestyle/ interior design bloggers.

I've been so busy lately with starting up my new business in freelance interior design that it's been awfully quiet here on the blog. But Meet The Blogger will no doubt inspire and sparkle new fuel!

For this event I realised I would need new business cards, so I'm creating a batch of cards using masking tape. Transferring text to tape is really easy. Want to make your own? Here's a quick how-to:

1) You will need: A print with the text you want to transfer, some scissors and a set of masking tape; Mix colours, pattern and size as you like. You can find nice collections online.
2) Without touching the sticky side of the tape, place it over the text. Gently rub the tape over the printed area.
3) Carefully remove the tape.
4) Have fun taping! You can use your custom made tape for personalizing cards, gift wraps, labelling storage boxes.... you name it!

PS: I was very happy to be featured at the Bloggers Unite column. Thank you Liselore and Janneke!





Such a great idea! Looks lovely, hope we will exchange cards tomorrow ;-)

Lovely idea! I didn't know masking tape would transfer that easily, so thank you very much for the tip! We'll probably meet tomorrow, looking forward to your card! :-) x. Maria.

So creative! Looking forward to meeting you at Meet the Blogger tomorrow... and maybe receiving one of these lovely cards myself!

Just wanted to check in and say hi. I really hope you enjoyed the meettheblogger event! Kind regards Frida