If you're on twitter and have a few creative bloggers on your timeline, you probably have noticed "hashtag" Creasint popping up more and more building up to december 5th. In November, blogger Imke from LoveJohnny sent out invitations to join this initiative in sending out handmade or handpicked (thrift) gifts to each other. About a week later a colourful enveloppe arrived telling me I "drew" Philomeen from A Girl Named Phil.
Philomeen has the online status of a Pinterest celebrity so first thing I did was check out her boards for inspiration. I collected a few images and figured she had a "thing" for pillows and clouds. I decided to try and make a friendly cloud pillow for her home. 

On december 5th "Sinterklaasavond" around 20.30 we all opened our packages and timelines were filled with tweets and pictures of beautiful wrapping and gifts. Coincidence had it that Philomeen also drew my name, and I received this lovely Hay towel with a vintage brooch attached. Thank you #Creasint!

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